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Yoost was created after many years of working in the fashion industry.

My experiences thought me that most decisions are often based on numbers, stressful targets, product volume and quantities.

However, these decisions only lead to overproduction, dead stock, waist and lots of fabrics that are left over.

At Yoost we decided to do things differently, by creating our garments using leftover fabrics only. We make garments that contribute to creating a better world by making you feel and look good about yourself.

We’re in love with the idea of a circular economy and that is exactly why we source our fabrics at Europe’s finest fabric houses, giving them a new life. 

Each garment has been handmade in Europe and is then numbered to highlight it’s rarity and individuality.

This picture here was taken in a fabric hall somewhere in Bulgaria during a production trip.

As you can see for your yourself, working with leftover fabrics can take you to unexpected heights.


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