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YOOST in Superfuture

ONLINE: Yoost – Garments without ego.

following an erratic academic trail that led him to universities in maastrichtcambridge and oslo, dutchman joost ten broek ended up in barcelona where he gravitated towards the realm of fashion, and spread his wings in a variety of capacities, ranging from model and stylist, to marketeer and sales rep. it’s the latter role which really stuck to him, enabling to explore all the ins and outs of the dutch market. in 2016, after a rather disappointing stint, ten broek had an epiphany of sorts. realizing that many decisions in the fashion industry are often based on ego, instead of a focus on the product and the requirements of the end consumer, the bearded entrepreneur launched his own menswear brand yoost in 2016.

keeping things simple, ten broek’s focus is on contemporary pants, and his offerings are designed accordingly, comprising of four models that each cater to the versatile lifestyle of today’s urban males. the whatever works model is inspired by the classic chino, but has been subtly tweaked – notably the lowered pockets make the look a tad more laid-back than usual – to give it a more modern look. a full-on leisure look is provided by the mr. smartpants, pants with a drawstring waistband and an elastic strap attached to the inside leg that allow you to play around with the length. it’s crafted from soft scuba material that heightens the comfort when relaxing or working out

the bye bye skinny is equally geared towards an active lifestyle. made from brushed cotton, it has tapered legs that are paired with lowered pockets and crotch to give it a distinctly urban look. an elastic cycling strap attached to the inside leg allows you to play with the length. last but certainly not least, there’s the anything goes. as the name already implies, these cotton-twill trousers are arguably the most versatile, allowing you to transition from a dressy look to a more informal guise at moment’s notice. and although the range of pants are intended for men, each model features a cut that’s equally suitable and comfy for an adventurous female clientele.

the concise yoost collection is currently only available at leading stores across the netherlands, including 2pr [amsterdam], pek & kleren [amsterdam] and margreeth olsthoorn [rotterdam], and will gradually see an expansion of this shop list in the near future. but if you reside elsewhere and fancy a pair, nor worries, as each model can also easily be ordered online if you drop the designer a line [international shipping is available upon request].

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