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Boilersuit Japanese denim customized for Eurovision 2021

Boilersuit Japanese denim customized for Eurovision 2021

YOOST made a personalized boilersuit for Eurovision presentator Richard Groenendijk

Eurovision 2021 takes place in Rotterdam this year and we have been commissioned to create an outfit for national comedian Richard Groenedijk. 

Richard will be interviewing the contestants backstage before they will appear on the big Eurovision stage showing off their palette of colors and skills.

Richard has performed for many audiences in Holland’s finest theaters, like Carré and many more.

Special YOOST Boilersuit for Eurovision

We started with the YOOST Boilersuit Japanese Denim and resonalized it by incorporating the visual part of the Eurovision logo where all the flags are showed.

As true Eurovision fans, we cannot wait to watch Richard wearing the Boilersuit by YOOST where the logo is a part of the boilersuit.

He allready posted a sneak preview with us on instagram. You can she the sneak with Richard during a fitting of the boilersuit on instagram.

Live postings of Richard at work during his first day on Eurovision can be seen here.

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